internationalSPORTgroup Invests In Independent Review To Drive Future Sustainable Growth

The company’s priority is to establish sustainable growth and recognising that it might need to re-structure slightly different to maintain its successful upward curve internationalSPORTgroup has recently commissioned an independent review to identify exactly what key actions need to be undertaken.

Usually yearly reviews and debriefs have been undertaken by its Chief Executive Officer Paul Walters, however that company believes that it is time for an independent authority to conduct a review which will invite key members of staff, contractors, suppliers and partners to submit candid and anonymous comments.

“We’ve come through a very successful and intense period and like every successful company, we need to stop and evaluate.” Walters said. “We will review what has worked and what is the most appropriate structure going forward for us to achieve our goals.

“An independent review will enable us to identify the facts and if you get the facts you can do something about it. We will wait for the findings of the independent review before making any further changes but once the facts have been identified and we have had an opportunity to drill down into the numbers, we will act quickly to ensure that we continue the momentum we have achieved over the past couple of years,” add the Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

Despite a challenging economic climate, internationalSPORTgroup has enjoyed a sustained period of growth which includes its ecommerce division reporting a sales growth of 26% vs. 2011.