International Tennis Magazine - April 2012

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The April issue of International Tennis Magazine covers many of the latest happenings of one of the world’s most exciting sports, including:
Getting Dirty: Clay Court Season Preview
With the European clay court season nearly upon us, International Tennis Magazine look in-depth at all aspects of playing on the red dirt, as it’s known. Which tournaments are unmissable? Why are clay courts so special? What tactics do players need to excel?
Beat The Cheats: Doping In Tennis
One former champion has suggested Spanish players are systematically doping. Is this likely? And what are tennis authorities doing to stamp out performance-enhancing drugs?
Ivan The Wonderful
Andy Murray embarks on 2012 with a new coach by his side. Can eight-time Grand Slam winner Ivan Lendl give him the extra push he needs to capture his own Grand Slam?
Injuries In Tennis
Leading Sports Physiotherapist Vivian Grisogono discusses how tennis has changed over recent years and how the effects on the player’s body are far more punishing than ever before
World Rankings
Men’s & Women’s World Rankings at a glance
Frozen In Time: Cocaine In Tennis
Dominic Bliss looks back at tennis’s first positive doping test back in 1995 which involved one of the top players in the sport and caused shockwaves were felt throughout the sporting world

International Tennis Magazine provides an invaluable and sought after quarterly review of the world of tennis, appealing to a diverse and dynamic audience of tennis consumers, enthusiasts and players of all standards from recreational and club players to professionals.