Greenspace has been tasked to update the image of the sport and make it more appealing to a younger, more diverse audience.
Commencing immediately, Greenspace will develop a new identity including promotional and marketing direction, as well as experiential and interactive development for the sport itself right from street level through to the professional circuit.
Appointed by PSA Chairman Ziad Al-Turki, the Saudi Vice-President of the ATCO Group who has already made the Saudi International the most financially lucrative tournament for players, the PSA aims to 're-brand' the Super Series as a modern and exciting spectacle - and believes there is a huge opportunity for the re-emergence of this fast-paced sport.
"The image and therefore perception of World Squash hasn’t really moved on since its inception," said Al-Turki, during the Saudi International - the world's richest ever squash tournament which is taking place currently in the Saudi city of Al-Khobar. "I’m excited to be working with Greenspace who have really captured our imagination with ways to bring the sport alive to a new audience as we approach the 2012 Olympics."
Greenspace will be looking at all aspects of the game, from the design of the court and audience experience at the tournament, through to player uniforms and profiles and marketing campaigns. Early ideas include concepts for light displays and even a sonic branding element that captures the unique sound of squash.
This refreshing new experience will be launched through 2009 and Greenspace is keen to make it one of the most exciting sporting expressions of the year. A key moment for the sport will be the ATCO Super Series Finals at Queen's Club in London in March, followed by the Saudi International in December 2009.
As a keen squash fan, Greenspace Creative Director Paul Blackburn is especially excited: "On a personal level, this is really a dream job. I played squash all through my youth, so it’s great to now be able to make it a much more popular and visible sport for the present day," said Blackburn.
Greenspace Founder and CEO Adrian Caddy adds: “With our experience of developing campaigns and events for global brands like Toyota Motor Europe, Heineken International and Nokia, and with the enthusiasm and support of Ziad Al-Turki, we’re in an ideal position to develop the World Squash Super Series into a truly contemporary, popular and global sporting event."
Issued by iSPORTmedia

Brand identity and experiential agency Greenspace has been appointed by the Professional Squash Association to refresh and re-invigorate the PSA Tour Super Series in order to widen the appeal of the sport.