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About internationalSPORTgroup

internationalSPORTgroup™ is dedicated to the promotion and marketing of sport, focusing its resources and unrivalled expertise to deliver innovative sport solutions.

The diversity of internationalSPORTgroup™, through its network of business operations, reflects the measure of its success:

iSPORTconsultancy™ offers management consultancy on all marketing associated functions, including but not limited to; sponsorship evaluation and implementation, strategic business planning, sales, distribution and merchandising, event management, hospitality, and public relations.

iSPORTevents™ is a promoter of world-class events.

iSPORTmanagement™ represents leading sports men and women.

iSPORTmedia™ manages print and web-based media.

iSPORTsourcing™ develops and sources performance sports equipment in conjunction with the world’s leading manufacturers.

iSPORTticketing™ sells tickets for leading events.

iSPORTstore™ sells sports equipment online.

The central component of all internationalSPORTgroup™ activity is the development of an interactive community of sports men and women which can be communicated with by the growth and development of a postal, e-mail and SMS database.

All internationalSPORTgroup™ companies share one defining characteristic: a mission to be the best.

The internationalSPORTgroup™ company values are